Thursday, December 3, 2015

Getting Down to Business

Enough is Enough.( ;)

I have talked about starting a business for years! I'd even given it a shot a couple of years ago, but it didn't take off. I'm under the impression I simply didn't want it enough.

On my last go around I was a full time, salaried employee at a job I LOVED!!! (despite one or two... or maybe just the one, super annoying coworker.) I chatted with my folks about it and played with a logo idea in my down time but that is about as far as I took it.

I married the man of my dreams, moved from Nevada to North Carolina (enter culture shocked face here) and was thrust into the world of the Military. Now you can watch Army Wives as much as you want but that will not even remotely prepare you for life as a military spouse. It is safe to say I have had an extremely hard time getting my footing.

This year, 2015, everything changed. Ok, so maybe everything changed on the last day of 2014 in one of the last possible hours, (9:17 if you're picky), but regardless, everything changed. My husband and I welcomed our beautiful baby girl into the world. At this time in my career I was a Realtor with, in my opinion, the BEST company in Fayetteville. I loved working with my clients. I loved helping them buy new homes and even sell their old homes. It's a very special part of someone's life to be a part of. However, I found I'd spend more time than necessary working on open house and new listing flyers, I continuosly offered to help fellow agents with their websites and I wanted to learn more about how to grow my business through social media. I slowly began to realize I loved being a realtor but I would always love marketing more.

At 6 weeks old my husband and I placed our daughter into daycare and I went back to work. We found ourselves with two working parents, a daycare bill and only one income. That's the thing about real estate. When you receive a commission it is awesome, but in between sales it can be difficult. When it was just my husband and I, that was fine, but after being less active my 9th month of pregnancy and maternity leave I felt as if I was trying to build my business all over again and, unfortunately we couldn't afford to build a business and have our daughter in a full time daycare at the same time. So, we made the decision for me to be a stay at home mom. Best decision I've ever made! Watching my daughter grow and change day by day is such a blessing. Don't get me wrong, she gives me a run for my money, but she's a hoot.

Over the last 8 months I have done a lot of thinking about being a stay at home mom and whether or not I wanted to return to work after her 1st birthday. A couple months back, my parents asked me to build a website for their property management company. My father is fully capable of designing one, but with his full time job and me being at home, I am fairly certain they wanted to give me a task to help retain my sanity during nap time ;)

I began discussing it with my husband and my parents and decided I would give this "start a business" thing another shot. And here we are. I spent the whole day designing a website design for LAK Communications. I'm stuck between LAK Communications and NV to NC Media (or Marketing). Nevertheless, it's been an eventful day :). I finally feel like I have a plan!

I know I'm going to have to work on this, the blog, the social media posts, getting the word out there, but I also, finally, understand I can not and should not get frustrated when it doesn't happen overnight, or even in the first 6 months. Wish me luck!