Saturday, July 30, 2016

Finding My way

As you may know I've recently started a small business called Lauren Kots communications. I have always wanted to start a small business but I have never been able to get off the ground... for no fault other than my own. You see it's a nice dream but I am not great at the execution.

Well, this time around I have the support of my family, my whole family, even the extended part. So far I am working on my website as well as my parents rental website. I have also started working with a doctor who my mother in law has worked with for years. Since I have been out of the marketing game for a couple of years I really want to make sure I understand the software updates before I jump in and promise someone something I can not deliver. Therefore, I haven't started advertising. I've been talking about it, and hoping for a word of the mouth type of thing, until September. September is the goal I am giving myself to complete my website, my parents, and work with my current client's website. I've also started talking to a former coworker about working with her on some projects. In many aspects of my life I've had problem's in the past stemming from poor planning. I will get really excited about something and jump on in with my clothes on and everything, not taking time to test the waters, so this time I want to test the waters.

I have also started taking weight loss and getting healthy, more seriously. I am tracking my food, I've got a fitbit, a gym membership and a personal trainer. I don't want to fail at any of my new endeavor's but it is harder than it seems to find a balance.

My husband supports me 100% and is helping me figure out how to navigate this crazy life. I'm so lucky to have him and our daughter.