Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Happy Hump Day

The last couple of months have been a blur. I have a 1 YEAR OLD! O my goodness I just cannot believe it. December and January were filled with family, friends and fun! With the holidays and the big 1! for our baby girl, I was swamped.

The business- I continued working on my temporary website, so  I have a basis, however, I have not yet begun development on my website. After working with Dreamweaver, Wix and Weebly, I am excited to start the tutorials for Muse - the middle ground between html from scratch and picking and choosing provided elements from online development programs. I plan to start my tutorials asap. The last couple months have been filled with lessons from American Business Technology University. In the fall I registered for a Social Media Marketing Strategist course through the military's MYCAA program. I will say, I was a bit disappointed by the class information, 98% is regarding the Microsoft suite and how to be a great secretary. While the lessons were well thought, and informational, I was under the impression the majority of this class would focus on social media and the best way to implement it into your business. I have been struggling through these lessons filled for months and have finally (!!) gotten to the social media aspect. The class concludes on Sunday and I will be able to donate 100% of my allocated "work" time to the business. I know this class is going to benefit my business, so technically I have been "working", however, i do feel like I've been wasting my time. Unfortunately, I need to complete every aspect of the course (obviously) to receive full credit. I am very excited to be able to focus on brand development starting next week.

Life- Life is fun! I have a great group of girlfriends, with wonderful babies (young and old), a wonderful husband, and a firecracker daughter. Don't get me wrong, it's definitely had it's downs, but overall I'm having a blast. Arabella took her first steps on Christmas day! It wasn't like the movies though; first steps on Christmas, running by New Years. It is funny; not having any experience with babies. I've never seen a baby grow and learn. I've never held them when they're sick. my poor little one was sick on New Years Eve. Now, for those of you who remember, NYE is her birthday! If you're thinking what we did, my mom said "Well, this won't be the last time she throws up on her birthday!!" Everyone laughed! In all reality though it was so strange, we didn't know what to make of it. Turns out, she had Roseola. Weird sickness. They have a quick onset, really high fever (for days), and then it vanishes and is followed by a rash which appears and disappears as quickly as the fever. Unfortunately for our little monkey, she was also vomiting, which is terrifying. Seeing an infant vomit, the panic in their face when they can't breathe, it was awful. She's a trooper though, I'm interested to see how she acts when she's older. She's definitely got to work on the sympathy though. She had 101+ fever and she was crawling all over, playing with the dogs, running with her push walker, drumming on her play drum set.... you'd never know the girl was sick.

Anyway... Once we were over that hurled she changed so rapidly!! Since her birthday she has learned how to walk so well, she practically runs. (It's really more of a really fast waddle and it is the cutest thing I've ever seen!) She's learned how to growl like a bear (on command), dip foods in condiments, get off the furniture without face planting and other things which seem like big developments to us. Instead of having to tear nutrigrain bars into pieces, you will give her the bar with the wrapper half down and she will walk around and eat it. She can put the coins in her piggy bank toy's slots. She moves her arms and legs the way they need to be to take off her clothes and brings her towel to the bathroom when it's bath time. She loves the playground and the slides, although she hasn't quote figured out how to turn around and sit down, unless I help her. It's like I went to bed one night with an infant, and woke up the next morning with a toddler.  She'll share her food and toys, and tell you no when you take her paci. She makes a face and says "ooo" when she does something bad.. This little girl is a firecracker and she's going to be an adventure. I can't blame her though, I know her parents ;).

I am so excited to see what the coming months have in  store for my family and my business.

*BTW I do love my husband and he's here too, but he prefer I leave his business, his business. He has started a video game channel though! For those of you who are interested or may know someone who is.