Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Starting Over

Unfortunately, I have not been making the progress I wanted. I knew that this would happen... which is why, I'm sure, it did.

This time though, this time I am working harder than ever and actually believe I will find results. Much to my dismay I have taken two huge steps that I wish this process could do with out.
  1. I have hired a personal trainer. I have always wanted to but the cost has always stopped me and I wish I was strong enough to do this without one but boy am I glad I have one. His name is Jeff, he kicks my ass and shows no mercy. Recovering from my bronchitis/laryngitis/viral infection thing he worked me out hard enough for it to count, but easy enough to keep me conscious, which I appreciated, however, last night I made a point of pointing out my voice had come back... mistake! The no mercy Jeff is back. 
  2. I have committed to a Mon-Fri carbohydrate free diet. I feel like an addict. After months of eating nothing "bad" for me except for potatoes (i.e. potato chips, baked potatoes and french fries) cutting them out is so hard! I do have to admit though. I had commented before on the fact that I was afraid I'd never be able to go with out them. Well day 2 potato free is a success!! I know it sounds lame. But there's something about giving up the only "processed" things you can eat hahaha.
Monday I was not able to attend the gym due to my almost all-nighter my addiction to Hunger Games caused and my physical thereapy appointment in the afternoon.

Tuesday though, Tuesday was rough. I drug my determined self to the gym at 5:30 am and did the eliptical for 30 minutes and the bike for 15. Then I decided I should probably get ready for work. I ended up being an hour early and decided next time I'll swim as well. After work I headed to personal training, however I always do 15-30 minutes on the elliptical before that too. Then Sarah and I moved the rest of the stuff out of our apartment (a whole topic unto itself). Needless to say I am exhausted!

Normally, I would've worked myself too hard to move the next day... and while my muscles may agree, they accompanied to the gym this morning anyway :)

A definite scare for me though was sitting in my orthopedic surgeon's office this morning as he told me I might have a broken foot and need to have x-rays. All I could thing about was "really? again? every time I get going and get into a groove and am thinking it will finally happen... something happens. Broken leg, broken wrist, broken foot, health problems, sickness you name it.." I said ok and headed to the x-ray room. Well, turns out I've had two broken toes (the two i suspected to be broken anyway) for the last six weeks and since I didn't take painkillers due to my suspicion of broken bones, they are nearly healed. I did however, allow the swelling to go on long enough to stretch out a ligament. Now I don't know much about them but my ortho. kept talking about me stretching out my ligament and almost dislocating and if that happened I'd need surgery. I got a cortozone shot and am hoping for the best. My least favorite part of the meeting was when he brought up tests I had done 5 years ago. "Five years ago you tested negative for Rheumatoid arthritis, I would like to get you tested again though." O joy! I've lucked out most of my life with minor sprains, minor headaches, Celiac instead of ovarian cancer...  ya know, I've gotten the lesser of two evils every time so, my hope is that I get the lesser of two evils this time as well. I would rather have joint pain as a result of being chubby and out of shape or a former athlete gone computer nerd, than have RA.

So much  has happened I definitely think I should start writing more often again, and perhaps I will. For sake of space (and the fact that my lunch is over) I'll end here.

Happy Hump Day!

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