Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Random Thoughts 2

Well haven't I been a slacker recently.

Life has been so insane I guess I forgot to blog.
My life hasn't changed that much, I have been trying to workout more and lose weight, however, that hasn't been going well, obviously. I am trying something new now though, so I hope this will have a better turn out.

I keep being told i need to do cardio to see results but I haven't been approved for any activity yet that I know how to do that provides cardio. I am allowed to swim but I'm not supposed to kick, which kind of defeats the purpose. I just found out yesterday though, that I am allowed to do the bike. I am pretty stoked about that. Still no running, dancing, elipticals, etc. But I will take what I can get :)

Life has been so interesting this year. Two of my best friends have gotten engaged and are planning to get married this year as well! It's so exciting.

I think one of the hardest things to deal with is seeing people who are excited about the wedding. Don't get me wrong, I'm stoked, but it's so hard to be excited about something that may not happen. I know Steven and I will get married this year, that part I am sure about, however, the big white wedding, that's still up for debate. I hate the military so much. I wish they would just tell you. "We'll see how training is going" is so not an acceptable answer when you're planning a wedding. There is so much thought, time and money that goes into a wedding, and contracts are signed that some time don't allow wiggle room for dates. When are they going to tell us? The day before? The week before? The month before? This whole thing has me sound wound up I've actually been trying to avoid people so I don't have to talk about the wedding but, when I fail to avoid them it's always the same; "O no, that's horrible." "Well you don't look very excited", "What are you guys going to do?", "Are you going to cancel/postpone/have the wedding via skype? So many questions all the time and the look on their face is always the same when I have to say "I don't have an answer."

I don't though. Plain and simple. I don't know.


I have to tell you though, if we do have the wedding... It's gonna be awesome :) the planning is almost complete. If I could just be sure he'd be there I would be so unbelievably stoked :)

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