Thursday, November 15, 2012

1 Week Until Reuniting!

Today marks one week until I get to see my husband again. I am so excited! I'm flying down to thanksgiving Wednesday afternoon and he gets there Thursay morning. I'm sad we only get about 48 hours together but it's better than nothing.

This Thanksgiving we will be at his family's home. I am excited to spend time with his family but I am so nervous! This will be my first Thanksgiving in 23 years that I won't spend with my parents. Even as a child I wondered if this day would ever actually come. At one point it was my goal to find a man who wasn't a big family man so we could always spend the holidays with my family. I have to admit I do love how passionate Steven is about his family because it shows a different side to him and allows me to relax when thinking about our future family. I know he'll be a family man when we start our own family because of how much it means to him now.

I am nervous to see how my mother will handle thanksgiving without me. Some days I feel so guilty. I feel as if I should always be there, being the only child and all, but I know they love me and we'll celebrate in our own way and I'm sure everything will be fine. I definitely am going to miss the traditional tree hunt though. I'm not sure if they're going to go yet because Reno weather is kind of crazy, but part of me hopes they do. Our house is so beautiful with a live tree and the smell is wonderful, plus it always seems better to me to have a tree from the mountians than the supermarket.

I wonder where you get trees in North Carolina. It seems so surreal. Starting our new life. It's hard right now because Steven is there in our home and I am here. Realistically, I could've moved sooner, however, i couldn't afford to fly back for all of the wedding and christmas, so I choose to stay. Sometimes (more often than not) I wish I'd left already, but not always. I'm glad I have time with my parents, glad i was able to be present for everything for the Dacus wedding and able to attend the Lasita wedding. I'm so scared to leave everything here, my home, my friends, my family, my school, my history. At the same time, I could not be more excited for our new adventure!

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