Friday, November 16, 2012

Happy Rainy Friday

As my best friend said to me this morning "Happy Rainy Friday". There's just something about a cloudy day that makes me feel alive. I'm not a sparkly vampire I swear, but I just love cloudy days! I also love the rain.

Literaly Rain is water falling from the sky wetting everything below, but metephorically I've always felt as if rain is a new beginning, a fresh start. It pours down from the sky as if the Lord himself (I apologize to any potential non-christian reader) washes everything clean. He doesn't feel the desire to floud and wipe clear the earth as previously down, however, he welcomes you to take the advantage to start fresh.

I'm a west coast girl, born and raised in Reno/Sparks, NV, but often I feel as if I am a southern girl at heart. Last summer in North Carolina the clouds burst the sky opened and the rain poured down on my fiance and I, the same thing happened to us on our honeymoon in Florida. When it pours I see the vision in my head of the man and woman kissing passionately in the rain, or the happy couple playing, splashing, laughing, or even the exhausted person who stops and lifts their head to the sky, letting the rain fall down upon them as if it's washing away all their day's problems. I love the rain and a big part of me can not wait to move to North Carolina to see a down pour, to frolick in the rain and to let it cleanse my soul. My husband on the other hand; well, he's often like a cat, he sees water and he does running. Wet is not his thing haha.

Some people think my love for the rain stems from my childhood in the water. From age 5 to age 18 I was a competitve swimmer who spent, at the least, 2 hours in the pool a day. Even now, a stressfull day for my can be cured by a swim or even by sitting in a pool area breathing in the chlorine (healthy i'm sure =P). I just know I love water and I hope one day my man will passionately kiss me in the poring rain or laugh as we chase each other through the rain and fall in the mud.

For now, I am in Reno, sitting at my desk staring out the window as i watch the clouds. It's clear that they want to rain, perhaps that's what's fascinating about them, the hope and possibility of rain or snow, the ere of winter.

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