Thursday, January 31, 2013

Websites and Recipes

Life since the big move has been going surprisingly better than I imagined. I've made a friend joined a few groups comprised of other army wives. I'm not sure how many lifelong friends I will make, but how can you ever know in a quick meeting. I have met a lot of great people and I can't wait to get to know them better.

In the meantime I am learning how to be a housewife and a puppy parent. Being a house wife is stressful but fun. Having my minor OCD is nice because my husband and two puppies destroy the house nearly every day so I ALWAYS have stuff to do. The frustrating part is the husband part. I really hope he'll get better with time but right now he is such a man, for example, while I was unpacking there was a stack of paperwork in the living room and I asked him to move it. The next day I found it in the kitchen and I asked him to put it away. The next day i found it on a box in our office and finally had to say I'm not asking you to move it around the house I am asking you for a place to put it away. Like many men, his idea of cleaning is putting everything in piles and, well my clean is way different. I am learning that if I want the house my kind of clean i'm going to have to do it, however, I hope he helps a little and learns that everything has a place, such as putting the mail in the mail slot and not on the kitchen counter lol.

Being a puppy parent has it's ups and downs as well. I love them more than anything and I love how excited they are to see me when i leave and how no matter where i am they are right next to me, however, they stress me out haha. Steven surprised me with Baxter when we got to NC. When we picked Baxter up at the Animal Hospital he was boarding with they told us they had a puppy named Zeus, also a German Shepard, who had been abandoned by his owner. The poor puppy had had his ear nearly bitten off by a big dog with his previous owner and had stitches. The woman at the animal hospital suggested we adopt him. His legal abandon date had not yet come so they told us they'd call on the day to see how we felt about it. After an extremely short discussion we agreed to adopt him and it has been an adventure ever since. Poor guy is so accident prone and always getting hurt, I feel so bad for him because he's traumatized and every time he starts to get comfortable he gets hurt and no he will barely leave my side. In all reality he's only been with us since January 11th so my hope is that over the next few weeks/months he'll feel more comfortable. Our biggest obstacle is our other little teenager who is having major sharing problems which includes branches, toys, parents, petting by anyone, etc. All I can do at this time is hope everything works out for the best.

I am not having much luck finding a job that I like and since I don't technically need to work I am going to try and start a small website design company. Today I am working on my site and my father's since he is paying me to build him a site.

Wish me luck!

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