Sunday, January 8, 2012

Blog O Blog How I Underestimated You

It is only 12:30 on Sunday and I already feel like I have so much to write about!!!

My blog... way different responses than I anticipated. As many of you may have noticed, my last blog changed a little bit. I am thinking about starting an anonymous blog somewhere so I can have my complaining blogs but for the sake of my job and my future... I will attempt to refrain from complaining on here.

So for a run-down of my weekend


  • While writing my blog the future daddy-in-law called and I ended up going to dinner with him and a friend. 
  • Next I picked up Gabriele, my future mother-in-law, at the airport and we went to my house to close all my windows so my fish wouldn't freeze (apartment refinished the bath tup 80 ). I went into the laundry room to close the windows.... HUGE!!! spider! o my gosh we screamed and hid in the living room plotting our attack. I won't take you through the whole ordeal but... 
    • 1/4 of a can of hair spray + 1/2 bottle of windex + a running shoe = that sucker is dead!
  • We left the house and went to my parents, where we were planning to stay and I did all of the first time introductions... It went really well :) then it was off to bed.
  • 7 am Weigh in - I lost 1.6 lbs. Whoot!!! stoked! 
  • 9:30 am Swoon Bridal Saloon- Progress ;)
  • 12:00 p.m. Meeting with the wedding coordinator in Lake Tahoe at the Embassy Suites - More Progress
  • 5 p.m. Dinner with my parents, Steven's parents and my grandparents. 
  • 6 p.m. rehearsal Dinner planning. 
  • Took Gaby to the airport :( 
  • Fell back asleep until 9 
  • Wedding List Finalization 
  • Bridesmaid Gift Ordering
Overall... I think it was a pretty productive weekend. Hopefully I will get to go to Fro-yo later with miss Amanda Alling. I can't wait until next Saturday. This past week i started my diet and new years resolutions on Tuesday. This week I have been pretty good on the diet all weekend and I get to go to my Zumba class Monday- Thursday maybe Saturday or Sunday if I am not too tired.
I'm not sure I've told many people why I think this time is different but perhaps I should. I've tried to lose weight before but I could never stick with it. Finding a studio completely dedicated to Zumba means I don't have to try and fit working out into my schedule.. The studio offers so many times, that it would almost be impossible for me not to find time to go. Also, the most important thing, Steven has always said that he believes in me and that I can do this. He's said he believes if I find the right plan I can stick to it... The last time we said goodbye we were hugging and he said goodbye and that he couldn't wait to see me...Then he kissed my forehead and said he couldn't wait to see the new me. For some reason, that, right there, changed everything.

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