Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wedding Planning - Stress Management Practice?

Wedding planning, wedding planning, how you stress me out.

Who knew wedding's could be so stressful? O wait, I did. Everyone has told me how stressful wedding planning could be but I though, "Meh, we're pretty simple people, it probably won't be that bad."


Wedding Planner- Easy, Liane McCombs is and amazing wedding planner and used to be a Tri Delta, what more do you need?

PicBox- Easy! Loved it!

Venue- Stressful! $17,000 at Zephyr for food, venue and "picnic ware" + a $250 fee for every vendor we didn't use on the preferred vendor list and a $2.50 cutting fee per person for the cake? I think NOT! Thank God for Embassy Suites and Lakeside Beach.

Minister- Piece of cake! Venue suggested, he is amazing! Even figured out a way around our marriage license issues :)

Photographer - STRESSFUL - Until I met the absolutely AH-MAY-ZING Stephanie and Nick Williams at Handlebar studios. I am so lucky to have found them. They seem amazing both as people and professionals and have gone out of their way to make me feel stress free. I can't wait till I am freaking out on my wedding day and my loving mother is talking to me calmly and my best friends are surrounding me trying to make sure everything is perfect and Stephanie is taking pictures and says something like "Dude, will you chill out!" I have to tell you I knew they were awesome but when we went to take our save the dates and Steven liked Nick and then Steven picked up a plastic warrior helmet from the prop box and said "This wouldn't protect anyone" and Stephanie looked at him with that 'are you crazy' look and said "Umm I'm pretty sure it isn't mean to" and everyone laughed...I knew that everything would be great!

  • Even after we took our Save The Dates, Steven said he really liked them and that he could've kept taking photos. First time he has ever like a photographer besides my mom. He had fun, it made me so happy :)

Wedding Gown - David's Bridal... If you're looking for pretty dresses - you could go to David's if you are looking for good service and a great experience - RUN!!! Run far away. I'm sure people would disagree but I had the absolutely worst experience of my life there. Not of my wedding experiences, but worst of my life! Then mom convinced me to give a chance to the salon of a woman name Michelle Depoali. Mom said she had talked to Kendyl Depoali (she works at the school named after her) and she'd total her about Michelle and her salon Swoon. GOD SEND! Michelle and her girls are absolutely amazing :)

Flowers - Stressful. Let you know more when I actually end up figuring them out. Thank God my Aunt Pandy is making half of my centerpieces. I am so lucky to have her!

Invitations- SO MANY INVITATIONS!!!!!

The Rest of The Wedding- Have yet to plan =P

I guess the moral of the story. Experiences may try to knock you down, some may even run you over, but with love and determination you dust yourself off and get back out there.. Who knows, what you find may be greater than what you lost. :)

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