Friday, January 6, 2012


While, it may not actually be true, at this moment in time I feel like I can say that I have NEVER been more thankful that it is Friday. This week has been absolute mas chaos and unfortunately shows no sign of giving in next week.

Just for a quick run down of my day.
  • I Realized I have to create an entire new e-newsletter template by monday. 
  • Lost track of time and missed my lunch hour
  • I was asked 6 times when and email for a customer was going to be sent out
  • My email has officially stopped working and I have to log in from a completely different location to view my emails. 
  • I have a radio project that needs to be finalized within the next week
  • I was not able to start on an advertisement who's deadline is Wednesday 

Two of my co-workers are absolutely amazing. Crazy, fun, yet professional... the other two? ... interesting

As I write this I am currently sitting in my office chair wondering if I should start my next project, or if I should just leave. My mother-in-law is coming to visit (yay) but her plane does not lane until eight. My projects will take a while. I can either go with out dinner (much like today's lunch) and work on all of the things that need to be done Monday, or I can be happy it's Friday, go find dinner and chill until my my mother-in-law gets here. Most of me wants to stay and get work done, however, my on-setting migraine and my growling stomach disagree.

Decisions, Decisions.

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