Monday, January 9, 2012

Stalker With A Dog Toenail Fetish?

Back to work another day :) I love my job but I could not bring myself to get out of bed today and when I finally did... I could not keep my eyes open all day. I really wanted to drink coffee or 5-hour energy but I tend to get a little loopy after haha.

Today I finally found a new e-newsletter layout, sent out an affinity partners email and scheduled another one. I had a few meetings, one in person and a few over the phone, with radio station managers to place our radio ad. Radio ads are a lot more expensive than I thought they were.

I also found out that we are all getting new computers! Thank God! My speakers are broken and my email doesn't work and my computer is super slow.. I'm so freaking stoked!

The highlight of the day though had to be when I received a package from a gentleman who wrote a book for CPAs. The book came in a package that was almost destroyed by the time it got to me and the papers were wrinkled. When I went to show my coworker how bad the package was some fell out of it on to her desk. Everyone was super freaked! We are 98% sure that it is a dog toenail! One of my coworkers and I took it around to the others (one kept running away Bahahahahah) and we ruled out pasta, dried garlic, human nail and a few other things. After googling dog toenails we decided that's what it must be. I am not sure why we found it so interesting but it was epic! We laughed so hard I thought I was going to die. I joked about having a stalked with a foot fetish and now my boss jokes about wanting to see what other kind of things I receive.

I didn't do very well on my diet today :( I am kind of disappointed in myself but I am not going to let it get me down. I went to Zumba today with Melyssa and Sarah, it was a ton of fun. I totally learned my lesson too! Stress eat junk food during the day = Feel like crap during/after zumba. Now I am exhausted and my stomach hurts haha. Progress??

I am looking forward to Zumba tomorrow and thursday. :) It makes me happy that I've finally found something I look forward to.I really want to go wednesday too but Wednesday is Zumba with weights.. haha I'm not quiet sure if I am ready for that after only four days of Zumba. We'll see how sore I am Wednesday, we did a lot of squats and stuff today.

Off to bed :)

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